7 February 2019

Danielle gave a talk on the Freedom of the Streets project at the Early Modern World History Seminar at the University of Cambridge


16 January 2019

Bebio and Marie gave a talk entitled ‘Kinsei ni okeru toshi nai deno hitono ido ni kansuru kenkyu Amsterdam/Edo’ (Research on the Early Modern Intra City Mobility: Amsterdam and Edo), Exploring the Possibilities of Maps for the Urban Historical Studies at the Research Center for Edo-Tokyo Studies at Hosei University



20 December 2018

Bob gave a talk entitled “Paradoxen van patriarchale macht: Geslachtspolitiek in de Republiek” (Paradoxes of patriarchal power: Politics of geslacht in the Dutch Republic) as part of a symposium on the occasion of the departure of professor Mieke Aerts.


6 December 2018

Bob and Danielle presented a paper at the History Research Seminar at the UvA, in which they shared their methods for capturing everyday mobility in historic cities.


15 November 2018

Marie gave a paper entitled “Making A New Art Historiography: Karl With’s Style Analysis of Buddhist Art and its Reception in Japan”at ‘The Making of Humanities VII’' conference hosted by the Society for the History of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam.


12 November 2018

Marie organized and moderated an artist talk by Kazuma Obara, entitled ‘The Shape of the War: In Memory of Silent Histories’ together with with Marga Rotteveel (director of the Docking Station) at the University of Amsterdam.


2 October 2018

We presented our project to the volunteers who work on the notary records of Amsterdam (Alle Amsterdamse Akten).


25 September 2018

Project members travelled to Uppsala University to meet with the Gender & Work Team ( On the afternoon of the 25th we presented our project's aims and methodology at a seminar in the History Department.


1 September 2018

Antonia presented a paper entitled Gender and Urban Gardening in Berlin and Amsterdam c.1700-1800 at the International Conference on Urban History, organized by the EAUH in Rome between August 29 and September 1 2018.


28 June 2018

Visiting fellow Lisa Hellman gave a talk at the seminar of the Amsterdam Centre for Urban History entitled: “This house is not a home: European everyday life in 18th-century canton and Macao”.


14 June 2018

Danielle introduced the Freedom of the Streets project at the CREATE Salon. This salon is entirely devoted to the Amsterdam Time Machine (ATM) project developed and led by CREATE researchers Julia Noordegraaf and Claartje Rasterhoff.


7 June 2018

Danielle gave a keynote lecture at the second installment of the International Women, Money and Markets conference. Find out more via the conference website


4 April 2018

We organized two sessions on "Gender in the Global City" at the European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC) in Belfast, where all of our team members also presented discussing the current status of their research. 


30 October 2017

We presented our project to members of the Ito Lab of Tokyo University and discussed approaches to the history of the built environment and social practices. Read our report here.


28-29 October 2017

Together with the Global History Collaborative and Linking Cloth Clothing Globally, the Freedom of the Streets project co-organized a conference entitled "Gender, Space and City in Global History" at the University of Tokyo. Read the full report here.

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15 October 2017

Bébio gave a talk entitled "Usage of Christian Cemeteries and Crosses in Early Modern Japan" at the International Conference on East Asian Architectural Culture, hosted by Tianjin University in Tianjin, China. 

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22 September 2017

Bob presented the first results of his research on gendered mobility in pre-modern Amsterdam at UvA's CREATE.

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Spring House.jpg

4 September 2017

Antonia gave a talk at Spring House, Amsterdam, entitled 'Eve and the Urban Paradise'

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17 June 2017

Danielle spoke at the Universiteitsdag 2017 ‘Inspiring Generations’, University of Amsterdam.

31 May 2017


Danielle introduced the project at the Basler Vormodernekolloquium, University of Basel.

19 May 2017


Danielle spoke at the Low Countries Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

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18 May 2017

Project launch at the Seminar of the Amsterdam Centre for Urban History, University of Amsterdam.

3-6 April 2017

Danielle spoke at CityFoods. Lessons from people on the move. New York University. (click here for conference report)